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You Won’t Believe What Happened in Taiwan Legislature

Taiwan's legislature was thrown into turmoil on Friday as lawmakers clashed over a series of reform bills aimed at expanding

Shimil Umesh Shimil Umesh

Worm Ate US Presidential Candidate’s Brain!

Independent US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr has revealed shocking details about his health, disclosing that a worm once

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Inside the Tech Behind San Francisco’s Sky-High Light Show!

A mysterious laser beam illuminated the night sky over San Francisco, casting an otherworldly glow near the iconic Coit Tower.

Shimil Umesh Shimil Umesh

Florida Couple Slammed with $143,442.74 Phone Bill After Trip to Switzerland

A Florida couple, Rene Remund, 71, and his wife Lynda, 65, recently found themselves in a whirlwind of shock and

Shimil Umesh Shimil Umesh