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Baseball Team Under Fire for Fat-Shaming Pig Mascot!

St. Paul Saints, a US baseball team, is under fire for naming its pig mascot after the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

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Michigan Lottery: Woman Logs in to Find $25,000 a Year for Life Prize!

Patricia Royer, a 65-year-old resident of Escanaba, Michigan, experienced a mix of shock and disbelief when she discovered she had

Shimil Umesh Shimil Umesh

How One Man Found Love with a Facebook Ads

Facebook ads: The world of online dating is a vast and ever-evolving landscape, with new platforms and approaches constantly emerging.

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Incident of cannibalism among White-Faced Capuchins opens gateways

White-Faced Capuchins are known for their agility and beautiful fur. With an average weight ranging between 1.36 – 4.9 kg

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Everything to know about Seabreacher so you may buy one for you

In Central London, on Victoria Docks, if you go down to Victoria docks, you will see Seabreacher. It looks like a

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The Floating Shoal Tent | Go and wake up with the flow of water

Hiking and camping are the best part of every outdoor plan especially when you are planning with your friends. There

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NERA | The future is near with 3D printed electric motorcycle

We love to drive motorbikes of different companies that offer ultra-advanced technology with updated features. We often think about the

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